It may not seem it on the surface but our path to being financially independent & working for ourselves has been riddled with countless failures along the way. I tried to be an online professional poker player, full-time stock trader/blogger and launch a handful of unsuccessful startups that I ultimately gave up on.

Looking back a year ago I almost ended up working for Robinhood and shipping Luci out to the west coast. Instead, I launched Spared and quit my full-time job as a Financial Advisor. You really never know what awaits you around the next turn.

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Over the past 7-8 weeks, I've given trading another shot and have been consistently returning on average $75-$100 a week. It's great to see some results and I'm planning on continuing to trade part-time while we cruise. Moral of this short story is this:
Celebrate failure and know you're on your path, even if it seems scattered. Click here to join me in using Robinhood and continuing to grow our financial independence. I can't recommend them enough for free trading and being an actual mission-driven, socially conscious company.

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