Lucidity for me started when I was 21 years old. At this time of my life I envisioned a 45' dark blue hull Sportfish motor yacht named "Liquidity", due to my copious amounts of money and the fact that a boat was surrounded by liquid. Real original, Ryan. Well at the time I was playing poker part-time, working full-time as a Sales Manager for a Vitamin Store and was a Reservist in the Coast Guard on the weekends. My life was money, and I was spending every cent of it. I reminisce on this portion of my life and I laugh. It was truly an amazing time, but one filled with stupidity. Hindsight is always 20|20.

Lucidity, for us has a dual meaning. The first and most important is through clarity of thought, being able to control your dreams and convert them into reality. Every action you take has two consequences, it either moves you closer to accomplishing the dream or delays it further. The second meaning is from the aforementioned, mainly a play on words making fun of my younger days lusting about Liquidity and all the happiness it would bring.  

Lucidity in her present state, is a sailboat. She is a 1985 Hallberg-Rassy 352 #478, outfitted with a Yanmar 4JH4E engine and is cutter rigged. Hallberg-Rassy sailboats are blue water boats and are notorious for crossing oceans, which is what we intend to do with her. Her story goes back much further than ours, and she too was a little reckless in her younger days. Ahhhh the 80s.

Her first owner became a Hallberg-Rassy Representative and was awarded an HR42 as part of his contract, which led him to sell her to the second owners who were a young U.K. couple with a baby. They left the U.K. bound for sunnier climes with a paid captain. After 2 days at sea, both mother and child became seasick and returned to port to put her up for sale. Enter the third owner in 1988, Jim, our now good friend and owner of Rebel Star (Lucidity's old name). Jim was 77 years old when he sold her to us, after 29 years of owning her and countless remarkable adventures.

Jim did not list Rebel Star with a broker, he sold her to us private party but only after some serious "woo-ing" as I call it. Jim didn't want to let Rebel Star go. She was his home for almost 30 years and he crossed the Atlantic in her in 89'. They went all over the Caribbean and Atlantic together, along with his wife, who also shared Jim's love for adventure and the sea. To say Jim and Rebel Star had a bond would be an understatement. She was a perfect story for us and an even better sailboat than we thought we could afford. I spent hours emailing Jim over 3 months about our intentions with the boat and how we envisioned being able to sail her around the world. He was still reluctant to sell Rebel even if he thought we were a perfect match for her. 

Needless to say after meeting us and some sleepless nights for both him and I, he decided it was time to pass her on to her next owners.  The buying process was a true dream, and throughout it we got to know Jim and his endless tales of adventures from hitch hiking across Australia to time spent in Zimbabwe. We can only hope to emulate Jim's time onboard her and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to be her 4th owners.

  Jim in the middle with Rebel Star's fourth owners. We finally did it!

Jim in the middle with Rebel Star's fourth owners. We finally did it!

Stay tuned for our first season of living aboard Lucidity, where we will discuss how we afforded her, the journey sailing her home, and her extensive refit. Abandon Comfort on YouTube will feature videos about the adventures and places we cruise to, along with many extras related to planning your own great adventure and the steps we took to get where we are now.